Our Client Advisory Board

As Maryland Financial Advocates continues to grow, we are always open to new ideas as to how we can improve our client experience. That’s why we rely on an advisory board of trusted individuals to lend us their perspectives on many of our executive decisions. Feel welcome to get in touch with one or more of our advisory board members listed below to learn more about our practice and/or to provide suggestions that they can bring to our next board meeting. The main goal of our client advisory board is to continue to create the perfect client experience.

With the generous permission of our clients and referral partners, we have listed the members of our Client Advisory Board below. If you are interested in learning more about how you can participate please call Colin Meeks at 410-663-0700. We are currently seeking members for 2018. We are looking for people that can help us improve our services – you do not need to be a current client or referral partner to be considered. We’d actually love to have some non-clients as board members. There is no cost to participate and no obligation if you decide it’s not for you.

MEMBER                                           PROFESSION

Jim & Alta Haywood                      CPA

Beverly Winaker

Mary Faith Ferretto                       Aging Life Care Manager

Sue Haviland                                   Reverse Mortgage Consultant

Ronni Mayer

Thomas Mumaw

Wilson McManus                           Estate Planning Attorney

Ryan and Barbara Fisher

Services provided by professionals listed on this page are separate from and are not affiliated with or endorsed by LPL Financial or Maryland Financial Advocates.